FORM & FUNCTION LLC creates well-planned and executed outdoor living and landscape designs that enhance quality of life, reduce maintenance and costs, increase sustainability, protect the environment, and increase property value.

FORM & FUNCTION LLC creates beautiful and functional interior and landscape designs, just as the company name signifies. A design philosophy that blurs the lines between the interior and the exterior often uniquely blends both as an integrated, seamless, and cohesive design statement. Either type of project may be created as it’s own entity, or may be combined into a single project.

Design services vary from one-time consultations to comprehensive installations, master plans, or any combination. DIY design requests are welcome.

Interior Design by Vicki O'Neal


Did you know most people spend more than 90% of their time indoors? Interior spaces have a major impact on individual quality of life. Functionality, practicality, and beauty are the benchmarks guiding the interior design process at FORM & FUNCTION LLC.