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Contractors and contracting, questions answered!

Plans & Drawings


Kaleidoscope of Color

A Kaleidoscope of Color featured in Virginia Gardener

Interior Projects & Details


Interior Update

A fresh new color scheme complements existing furnishings and appointments and adds a fresh, updated ambience to the interior of this home.

What’s Hot − Inside and Out!

What's Hot design trends for the inside and outside of your home!

Spice Up Your Kitchen

Have fun with your food!

It’s All In The Details

These plans and drawings were created for a wide variety of landscape and outdoor living designs.

Color Outside the Lines

Read on for expert advise on color selection!

Gracious Outdoor Living

Sculptural lines and the integration of features and functions define the design of this sophisticated landscape.

Craft a Theme Garden

Transform your environment into a memorial theme garden!

Life on the Lake

The curving design of this plan is responsive to the existing landscape and satisfies the desire to create flowing and harmonious shapes and forms.

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